A dollet is an uncensorable Ethereum (.eth) or other crypto (.bch, .zil, etc) website domain/wallet with multicoin support. A wallet like no other.

Cryptocurrencies are notoriously difficult to transact partly because of long hexadecimal addresses: (0xbLabla100lettErsand200nuMbers)

But very smart people at:
introduced 3 super features and made our lives much easier.

1. You can now name your long crypto address however you want or even assign multiple domain names to it:
- your name (bob.eth)
- a company name (bobcode.eth)
- any other word (muzik.eth)
- even a phone number (777555333.eth)
- you can get one domain (qrwallet.eth) and sell subdomains and wallets to others as NFT or gift them to your friends and family (bob.qrwallet.eth mary.qrwallet.eth tickets.qrwallet.eth etc)

2. Attach any crypto address to it
(so you can receive and send any crypto from one wallet)
You can also attach other metadata (avatar, description, keywords, notice, email, twitter, github, url and so on)

3. And my personal favorite. Ready?
That same wallet can be a decentralized website hosted on: ipfs.io

It means no one can block, shut down or in any way censor your website + it's faster, more efficient and secure.

So a dollet is a domain and a wallet under one name. It's a very early stage but there are many dollets being created every day. You can see some examples on our main page. This is the future of websites and digital wallets.

Any questions? Contact us via private, secure messenger: status.im